About Us

Owned by Brad Sharber, Bio-Foam Insulation Systems of Kentucky is committed to promoting energy efficiency through the use of sustainable building materials.

We pride ourselves on our workmanship. In our business, we live off referrals. You’ll find we’ll tell you the truth on your particular project, show up on-time, and do the job right, whatever it takes. We will work with you to be proactive about your project’s needs and do the right thing.

Existing Construction: You contact us, we will discuss the issues you are having to see if foam insulation is going to be a good fit for your project. Then, we approach it from a whole healthy home perspective. A proper job will insulate, mitigate humidity, and ensure enough fresh air is brought in to keep the home and family healthy. We look at existing conditions and problems visible to professionals who see these issues everyday (its what we do). HVAC, duct work, age of home, design layout, and previous experience with homes similar in age and construction, we look at it all.  Foam insulation -if installed properly- will perform consistently for the lifetime of the home: no settling, sagging, or degradation over time.