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Home owners and contractors alike appreciate the benefits of spray foam insulation. Let us help you design and install your energy efficient home in Louisville and anywhere in the mid-west.

Residential Spray Foam

Industrial Spray Foam


Safety and health are a top concern. Your industrial spray foam application can keep the heat in, and the cold out of your warehouse, shop, or building, and the installation must be safe and up to code.

Industrial Spray Foam Applications

From Industrial Warehouses to Echo-friendly Homes


Not all spray foam is created equal. We can customize our application of spray foam to meet your specific needs. For example, high density, closed-cell foam is a great application for insulating condensate return tanks and chillers, but open-cell spray foam is a more economical alternative for walls in your home and office.

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We’re experts in what we do. Let us help you plan your spray foam installation from the inception of your project, whether new construction, a home remodel, hospital building, ecumenical center, restaurant,  or small business.  Other spray foam applications include Spray foam in utility companies, chemical factories, refineries, paper mills, or agricultural building insulation. 

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We help keep you warm in the winter!

(…and cool in the summer, too!)

With Bio Foam Insulation, you save energy, money, and preserve your most valuable assets: family, employees, customers, and inventory.

What We Do

Spray foam for attics, walls, new construction, and older homes.

Homes, New and Existing

Your 100-year-old home in Louisville can benefit as much or more from spray foam insulation than would new construction. There are so many options that can make your home a warmer, energy efficient, and healthy environment.

Home and residential


Restaurant ceilings, basements, and night clubs can benefit from spray foam applications. SPF applications can be applied so they are safe, up to code, and attractive!

About Commercial Spray Foam
Slab Jacking

Concrete Leveling

Using special classes of spray foam can be used to raise concrete. Spray foam can easily support and level your concrete driveways, floors, and sidewalks at a fraction of the mass and weight of traditional concrete or mud-jacking applications.

Concrete Leveling
Agricultural Applications


There are several ways spray foam can be used effectively in agricultural applications such as silos, poultry barns, and weenling barns.


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Brad Sharber



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Mario “Rudy” Recinos

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Garrett Sharber

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